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What you can expect

Specialising in mindset mastery, Dominic takes a holistic approach to coaching and mentoring. Tailored 1:1 coaching will improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, aligning your business growth with your personal development for higher productivity.


Through bespoke sessions once or twice a month, in person or on zoom, you will learn how to change your habits and transform your approach to your life and business. Using a unique combination of business and personal growth tools including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and physical and mental exercises, you will develop a clear vision for the future with concrete goals to work towards.


Book a 1-2 hour meeting or a full mentoring day, with sessions once or twice a month for 4 – 12 months. Follow-up sessions enable you to monitor progress towards your goals, ensuring strong accountability and maintaining your focus on personal and business growth. Between sessions you will be set work in the form of self-reflection, planning and reading or listening to audiobooks.

About Me


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