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  • How can Kaizen coaching and training benefit me?
    Our coaching and training methods improves your performance at work as well as in life generally. You will raise your awareness, consciousness, confidence, certainty and become a happier, joyful, more productive person.
  • What types of coaching services do you offer?
    I focus on Personal Performance coaching/mentoring and training. Whether you need a sounding board to think through ideas for your business or wish to raise your level of confidence and success in every day life, we can agree and tailor the package to suit your needs. At Kaizen Coaching, we offer everything from 1 day deep dives to ongoing packages based around specific goals you wish to achieve.
  • How long does a coaching engagement typically last?
    As long as a piece of string! Since “change is only real when it becomes an ingrained habit”, I encourage longer term engagements from 3-12 months.
  • How often do coaching sessions take place?
    Typically we would speak every 2 weeks for 1 hour.
  • Do you offer in-person coaching or is it conducted remotely?
    I offer both in person coaching at my home office in New Malden, or coaching over zoom.
  • How much does coaching cost?
    See Packages section for a guide to pricing.
  • How do I know if coaching is right for me?
    If you want to improve your performance (who doesn’t?) then coaching is right for you. Being coached requires you to be open, reflective and willing to learn. It also requires courage in the face of fear and a willingness to try new things.
  • Are coaching sessions confidential?
    Absolutely 100% private and confidential.
  • What qualifications and experience do you have as a coach?
    I have well over 5000hrs of 1-2-1 and group coaching. I have been doing this since I discovered my passion for coaching and mentoring in 2006. I coach every day of the working week. I did a qualification back in 2012 (ILM 7 in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring) with the ex president of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). I now train, develop and supervise 27 other coaches and mentors and I am an active member of the Association of Business Mentors. I regularly speak and facilitate their groups, supporting and training others to learn how to coach. I am also an avid reader with a library of over 500 books on coaching and all things success and performance related.
  • Who coaches/mentors you?
    My answer is, “Who does not?” Whether they knew it or not, every client that I have ever coached has been my teacher. The coaches and mentors I supervise, my coachees, mentees, employers, employees, family members, authors and men and women from all walks of life have coached me. I am a student of life. I learn from others every day. I am open. I love to learn. I love to live. However, I also have a few special people who have impacted my life more than others. Oliver Holloway (Head Career Coach at Better Work Heroes): a dear friend of mine who is truly talented and world class at what he does. Simon Tandree ( is my therapist and can read people like no one else you have ever met. Helena Holrick: (Helping You Shine) is an intuitive genius with a special gift for spotting and saying the unsaid. I draw inspiration from: The late Dr David Hawkins - a truly enlightened individual who has sadly passed away, but through his books I continuously embody the wisdom he expressed so beautifully. Eckhart Tolle - another incredibly wise teacher who explains the wisdom of being present better than anyone else.
  • What's the wiggle about in your logo?
    The wiggle represents a wave of energy which is measured as a frequency. Do you remember Einstein's Equation E=mc2 ? All matter is energy and all energy is a vibration. In our physical world there is duality in everything: hot/cold, night/day, free-will/determinism. Nothing exists without its opposite. When we see and understand both sides of a situation, event, or person as equal, that is balance - that is where we dissolve the emotion and see the perfection in everyday life. That is why I had to have the wave in my logo. :-)
  • How can I get started with coaching?
    Book a discovery call with me today.
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