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About Dominic Beecheno

Dominic qualified as a SFEDI Business and Skills Adviser in 2006 and an ILM7 Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor in 2012. Since then, he has amassed well over 10000 hours of experience diagnosing business needs and coaching and mentoring over 3000 small business leaders.


Now an established leader in his field, Dominic works with business leaders, property entrepreneurs and small businesses owners as well as supervising and training over 25 coaches through Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind Program.


As Head Coach and Mentor Manager for the Mastermind Program, Dominic trains over 200 people a year in property investment and business growth. Matching seasoned coaches and mentors with Mastermind customers, he delivers keynote talks on the fundamentals of success and personal performance optimisation.


Working with Property Strategy as their Head Performance Coach since 2020, Dominic enables property entrepreneurs to develop mindful leadership, increasing their productivity and empowering them to live the life they have always dreamed of.


Alongside Jackie Tomes and David Wigram, Dominic provides a mentoring program that supports seasoned property investors to systemise and scale their business, freeing up their time to raise more finance and do more deals.


A specialist in mindset, psychology and strategy, Dominic is qualified in multiple personal and psychometric profiling and business analysis tools including:


Dominic says:

“I used to allocate Coaches and Mentors to Business leaders and was continually fascinated by what held people back and what was needed to overcome the challenges that they faced. As a result of doing this for so long I am now able to spot people’s blocks quickly, fast-tracking them to overcome obstacles and empowering them to realise their potential. I coach from intuition and a deep understanding of life which has been gained through personal experience and by studying the teaching of great leaders, avatars, teachers and writers.


I speak on stages at business events on the topic of mindset and performance and I have created a methodology, which, when followed leads to excellence in all areas. Each week I coach and mentor 10-20 business leaders, holding them accountable, ensuring they remain focused on their strategic goals and providing them with the necessary skills and head space to deliver results.”

Dominic Beecheno I Performance Coach I Business Mentoring I Kaizen Coaching


years of experience


Small business owners guided and supported


Books on everything around Personal development, Business, Success, Psychology, Performance, Health, Spirituality


Hours of experience diagnosing needs, coaching and mentoring

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"

— Marcel Proust

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