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About Me


Kaizen Coaching I Continuous Improvement


We work with people’s thoughts, physical energy and their perception of themselves to elevate their success and happiness.

Kaizen Coaching I Continuous Improvement

Whether you are an employee or you run your own business, the role you play is a vehicle for self-actualisation (becoming the best version of you). WHAT you are doing matters far less than WHY and HOW you are doing it.


It’s always essential to be clear about your service and the greater purpose of your role. When President Kennedy visited NASA in 1962, he asked a janitor what his role there was. The man replied, ‘Helping man to get to the moon.’


Using the Kaizen philosophy of constant and never-ending incremental improvement, Kaizen Coaching instils habits of continuous learning and development in clients. Continuous improvement raises your consciousness level, enabling you to change your perspective on your life and gain greater clarity, certainty and peace.


What is consciousness?

Kaizen Coaching

It is more than just being physically awake

Kaizen Coaching

It is more than awareness

Kaizen Coaching

It includes thinking,   experiencingfeeling  and perception.

Kaizen Coaching

Your current perceptions, beliefs, mindset and values are a result of your current consciousness level

Kaizen Coaching

Upgrading your consciousness sheds an old lens, revealing new ways of seeing and experiencing the world


Why Kaizen?

A popular philosophy in the business world, Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning “change for the better”. Its literal translation into English is “improvement”.

Continuous improvement and growth is a fundamental human need. If you aren’t growing and improving, you are not just stagnating but going backwards, since the rest of the world is always moving forward.

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Having a coach and mentor is absolutely essential if you want to fast-track your way to living an excellent life. You will create a life where you no longer suffer, a life where you create extraordinary outcomes by BEING the very best version of you. 

At Kaizen Coaching, Dominic focuses on the psychology, habits and environment clients need to get results. By adding a psychological element to business coaching and taking a holistic approach to mentoring, Dominic will identify your subconscious limiting beliefs and remove the blocks and obstacles in your way. Using the Kaizen philosophy, Dominic will develop your self-awareness alongside action planning to achieve results, enabling you to break-through and achieve sustainable growth.

An excellent career is one where you wake up each day and feel excited about the problems you have to solve. A problem free life would be boring. Choosing which problems you focus on is a worthy endeavour.


Set an intention for the life you want to live and go for it but don’t be attached to the outcome. Set an achievable goal and be open to what happens. The universe always has something even better for us when we are open to it. The trick to enjoying life is to withhold your judgement and be open to change. Now that is a profound insight.

“Happiness is the progressive realisation of a worthwhile objective”

Earl Nightingale

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